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Momentum (ISR) On Demand

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Course Description

PLEASE NOTE: The ten week challenge videos and documents can now be found on the INTL Elite Home Study Kit page.

Maintaining momentum within your education is just as important as maintaining it in your property business. It is essential to give 100% and this 3-day training will help you stay on track and push you further. The lead trainer and mentor will help you expand your wealth, define your goals and help refine your strategy based on what is happening around the world.

This is a classroom style training and gives an overall advanced review of the worldwide market & strategies; you will learn what strategies work best for the current economy and redefine your strategy based on your updated goals. During this training, we will take your personal strategy to the next level, ensuring you are on the right track to reach YOUR financial goals.

Over the 3 days you will have a chance to network with your peers, other Elite students, as well as meet new members of the power team, to help you build your business.

Below are some of the many points covered within the Training:

  • Goal Setting, Strategy Updates, UK market info
  • Business and Tax
  • UK Deal Analysis
  • Title Splits - UK Capital Strategy
  • How to raise money
  • Passive income strategies for today’s market
  • How to structure your expanding property business
  • What is your best corporate structure for asset protection
  • How to structure your business plan when you work with other investors
  • Investor loan contract, protecting all parties if you decide to invest with others
  • Investor proposal documents
  • How to write a proposal for potential investors
  • What to include, different types of returns and strategies to offer
  • A variety of approaches to attract a small or much larger amounts of money
  • What information to present the banks
  • How to impress the banks so they want to lend you money
  • What not to write in a bank proposal
  • The latest requirements from the banks
  • Working with sourcing agents
  • What you should ask a sourcing agent to confirm they are the right person for your strategy
  • How to find deals that you can pass onto your contacts for income
  • And much more!


There are no events at this time. Please check again soon. We are continually updating our course schedules and new events will appear here once they are scheduled.

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