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Elite Mind Engineer

Hi and welcome to Elite Mind Engineer, a revolutionary new training delivered by myself, Dr Rohan Weerasinghe (‘Dr Ro’, as I am more affectionately known) and Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEA).

This new Elite Mind Engineer offers a series of online training, comprising educational and inspirational videos, supported with written content and social media interaction, based on my collective teachings around wealth and mindset over the last 30 years.

For those of you who don’t know me, I have been teaching people from around the world about mindset and the key principles of wealth creation and property investment for many years. I have worked with Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. for the last 10 years, helping to drive forward internationally acclaimed property investment training brands such as Rich Dad Education, Making Money from Property by Martin Roberts and Building Wealth, amongst others.

Many years ago I also launched a very powerful and heartfelt personal development brand with LEA called Turning Point. The premise of the Elite Mind Engineer brand is a combination of all of my learnings and teachings, designed as the key and necessary starting point of your transformational journey towards success.

I will be sharing with you a series of content-rich videos focused on topics that can be blocks for each and every one of us: from finding and defining your purpose to understanding and overcoming your fears to life balance, relationship challenges, health and communication skills.

Many of us desperately want financial independence but have our internal gage set at ‘negative’ or ‘cold’ when it comes to our relationship with money. Before we learn about wealth creation we have to start thinking like a wealthy person. We need to banish our fears and move ahead regardless. The Elite Mind Engineer programme will help you do just that.

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