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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Instructor & Mentor Bios

Seminar Speakers

Alex Shanks Seminar Speaker / Investor Alistair Crooks FOREX & Commodities Speaker/ Investor Kristina Castellina Seminar Speaker / Investor Lorraine Clarke Seminar Speaker / Investor Malaika Aaron-Green Seminar Speaker / Investor Nick Findlay Seminar Speaker / Investor Robert Tuck Seminar Speaker / Webinar Speaker / Investor Steve Sweet Seminar Speaker / Investor

Property Investing Trainers

Amanda Woodward Property Investing Trainer/ Investor Ben Green Property Investing Trainer / Investor Benoit Gagnon Property Investing Trainer / Investor Caroline Claydon Property Investing Trainer / Investor Greg Ellis Property Investing Trainer James Trickett Property Investing Trainer / Investor Peter Massihi Property Investing Trainer / Investor Pip Stehlik Property Investing Trainer / Investor Ravi Vakaria Social Housing Trainer/ Property Investing Trainer / Investor Rohan Weerasinghe Property Investing Trainer / Elite Mind Engineer / Investor Sean Thompson Property Investing Trainer / Investor Tracy Cartland-Ward Property Investing Trainer / Investor

Elite Trainers & Mentors

Andrew Ferguson International Mentor / Investor Andrew Tidswell International Mentor / Investor Anthony De Vries International Mentor / Investor Arden Hanley Buy to Let Trainer / International Mentor/ Investor Avi Aravinthan International Mentor / Investor Barry White Momentum Trainer / Lease Options Trainer / UK Mentor / Investor Catherine Mcguire International Mentor / Investor Chris Cormack Momentum Trainer / Buy to Let Trainer / Sourcing Coach/ International Mentor / Success Team Speaker Craig Tarr International Mentor / Investor Danny Inman Networking Coordinator / Investor David Harwood UK Mentor / Investor David Portas Mentor / T60 / Investor Debbie Dorans UK Mentor / Investor Gary Seeny UK Mentor / Investor Hagar Hatchard International Mentor / Investor Harry Barclay Commercial Property Trainer / Investor Hayley Andrews International Mentor / Investor Heather Mortimer International Mentor/ Investor Imran Lokhon International Mentor / Investor Jonathan Gittins UK Mentor / Investor Kim Fabian UK Mentor / Investor Lindsay Hopkins Creative Finance Trainer / Investor Mark Dalton Creative Finance Trainer / Investor Martin Godfrey UK Mentor / Investor Matthew Snedden Distressed Property Trainer / Investor Nick Claydon UK Mentor / Investor Nigel Hamblett UK Mentor / Investor Paul Samuda UK Mentor / Investor Rick Walton Buy to Let / Investor Russ Dyble Mentor Sanjay Adatia UK Mentor / Investor

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