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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Alex Shanks

Seminar Speaker / Investor

Alex was born in a rural part of Perthshire in Scotland. Having grown up on the farm, Alex truly understands the concept of hard graft; having to spend cold winters working a farm is no easy feat, at any age.
Having his education at Glasgow University, Alex graduated without a clear path mapped out for him and he took on multiple jobs to make ends meet between 2012 and 2013.

It was around the same time that Alex was introduced to the Legacy Education and Rich Dad Education training brands through his wife’s family friends. With mounting debts and living life on a hamster wheel, Alex was becoming more downtrodden and despondent.

Things took a turn for the better after Alex enrolled with LEA and bought his first property in 2012 in Dundee. This was a 2-bedroom flat originally, on the market for £65,000. Alex and his wife purchased this BMV (Below Market Value) five weeks after attending an LEA three-day training programme, and the rest is history.

By 2014, Alex and his wife were both attending LEA events to give testimonials and also started working as crew as a way to learn, help give back and also do what they love. Since that time, Alex runs networking events in Scotland and also delivers training at seminar events across the UK and Europe. Alex and his wife now live in Edinburgh with their pet cat and dog.

Alex now have a portfolio of around 70 properties: predominantly through portfolio purchases of small BTL’s, often on Social Housing contracts; some larger HMOs; some commercial property and more recently, larger developments, which will be sold to re-invest in lower risk and more diverse investments.

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