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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Kristina Castellina

Seminar Speaker / Investor

From the age of 18 Kristina started working as a professional singer. Her career took her all over the world, working in production shows, UK tours, Pantomimes, cruise ships, concerts supporting well known artists, and even sang at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Despite loving her career, Kristina got increasingly frustrated by the lack of security and uncertainty that she had as a singer.
In Kristina's mid 20s, she started to get the taste for business and the idea of owning assets and being an entrepreneur excited her. Kristina attended the Rich Dad 2 hour seminar in September 2013 and enrolled straight onto the 3 day training.
Since Kristina’s initial seminar she has built a successful portfolio of cash flowing properties using other people’s money, exactly as she was taught. Her strategies include BTLs, HMO's, commercial property and flips. Kristina is passionate about living life to the full, taking every opportunity, and spending time with the people she loves. She is delighted to be one of Legacy’s speakers, and to share the message of financial independence and freedom.

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