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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Steve Sweet

Seminar Speaker / Investor

Stephen Wolfi Sweet is a key speaker with the Legacy Education training programme,

By way of contrast, Stephen grew up in a more traditional academic environment – his father was a university mathematics professor and he attended the ‘Ivy League’ University, Middlebury College in Vermont, to study biochemistry. Leaving university with a first class honours degree, Stephen embarked on a business career in New York City as a buyer for the J.C. Penney Company. For nearly three decades he then pursued a variety of business interests in New York, Los Angeles and London. Nearly ten years ago Stephen put into practice Robert Kiyosaki’s cash flow principals of property investment.

Since that time, for almost a decade, Stephen Sweet has been speaking internationally, motivating audiences to change their thinking about wealth creation and their ability to free themselves from financial ignorance. A former ‘corporate wage slave’ both in the USA and here in the UK, Stephen has taken to heart the concept of Multiple Income Streams for Wealth. He has developed a substantial land and property portfolio in the UK, Spain and the Bahamas using Legacy Education’s wealth creation techniques.

Stephen has motivated thousands of investors not only to ‘think about’ but actively invest in property in a safe and systematic way that provides positive cash flow from day one. His entertaining, ‘no nonsense’ approach to investing is presented in a straightforward and quite often humorous way.

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