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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Andrew Tidswell

International Mentor / Investor

Andrew Tidswell is an international property investor from Australia, with a background in radio, television and advertising. Due to the instability of the media industry, Andrew was driven towards property through his fear of losing his position by force. Andrew was determined to create a property portfolio that would give him both complete control of his financial future and ‘the freedom of time’. Today, Andrew is now based in the UK and has been buying property both in Australia and the UK for the last 14 years. Initially just purchasing in Australia, Andrew has since taken a global view and now mainly focuses on the UK, due to both socio-economic reasons and accessibility to cash.

Andrew changes properties in a way that either adds a new or additional income stream or changes the property to appeal to a different market sector. With strong negotiation skills and an eye for opportunity, Andrew is able to get his money out of purchases to re-invest, or leave a little behind with strong cashflow returns. Many of these techniques (and more) will be taught during your LEA Mentorship.

While Andrew thoroughly enjoyed building his property business, he has consciously created systems and frameworks for his portfolios so that they run independently, offering peace of mind, living so far away. Working on his properties with a global vision means that Andrew is able to stay at the top of his business tree without getting drawn into day-to-day micro management. Andrew is 100% living a life that is true to himself. His greatest ‘Why’ and driver is to be master of his own time and how he spends it.

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