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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Anthony De Vries

International Mentor / Investor

Anthony De Vries’ journey as a property investor started back in 2004 when he saw what a powerful vehicle property could be for producing passive income and creating more free time. Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa, Anthony found that only highly creative strategies worked well in SA, with interest rates being higher than in the UK. Andrew had one investment under his belt in SA at the time and wanted to step it up a gear. Prior to property investing, Anthony worked in the corporate world of Marketing & Buying, trading time for money.

Having re-located to the UK in 1999, Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEA) training gave Anthony the push he needed, with the purchase of his first few UK Buy to Lets. Being impatient and hungry for more, and with the help of my Mentor, part of Anthony’s strategy was to buy properties at speed via a number of HMOs, Corporate and Family Lets in the North East. Today, this portfolio now extends to Holiday Lets both in the UK and South Africa and Social Housing.

During this period, Anthony moved to the area where he was investing and started to identify deals that could be sold on to other investors, giving him great confidence and more local expertise to help others on their professional investment journey. Having helped many LEA students over the years, both through sharing his story and training, Anthony has now become an International Mentor, based on his own personal and professional experience in different continents and spends a lot of his free time with his family.

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