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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Paul Samuda

UK Mentor / Investor

Prior to investing in his education with Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEA), Paul Samuda was a lucky ‘amateur landlord’ with a small portfolio that barely cash flowed on a good day. As a teenager, Paul had overheard his father say that you should move every three to four years and not sell. So, from the age of about 19, that’s what Paul did, moving around the UK, from Birmingham to Derbyshire, Hertfordshire, London and Gloucestershire.

Paul’s father had always instilled a strong work ethic in him, from a young age, which set him on the right course. The family travel business was a tough and low-margin ‘feast to famine’ style business and Paul instinctively knew there had to be something else out there with greater sustainability.

One evening, Paul attended a Rich Dad Education Seminar, having read the book of the same name some years previously. Paul was reminded of Robert T. Kiyosaki’s teachings and knew there and then that it was time for him to professionalise his property business. Paul subsequently signed up to a Platinum Training Programme and completed his Mentorship in May 2011. Even with a poor to average Credit Score, just two years later, Paul was financially free.

Paul’s areas of expertise include Buy to Lets, Student and Professional HMOs, Lease Options, Social Housing, Creative Finance and managing Power Teams. One of the highlights of Paul’s life was spending time working with schools and charitable organisations Mentoring youngsters who were approaching an important stage in their own young lives. Some were bright and focused, others had challenges and were going off-target. The underlying message within the Mentoring process was the same. Paul believes that you can achieve whatever you desire with the right mindset and the right people around you.

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