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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Ben Green

Property Investing Trainer / Investor

Ben Green, 38, was born in Cornwall and started out his professional career, having followed a traditional life path, achieving a university degree in American Business and then buying into a corporate lifestyle. It was only when he was made redundant, in 2002 that he started to re-evaluate what he wanted from life.
With his redundancy package, he took himself off to Barcelona, on a trip that was supposed to last three months and turned into seven years. It was there that he met his future wife, Malaika, but also found another J.O.B.

It was during this period, that Ben started to see that the world was bigger than the corporate chains that had been holding him back for so many years. And when he returned to the UK with Malaika, he took another corporate position in London.

Malaika wanted Ben to attend a free Rich Dad Education workshop with her in Central London. He didn’t see the value at the time and only understood ‘work harder, get paid more’ as the best-fit mindset for all. He knew nothing of passive income and was fearful of change.

Eventually, Ben attended a Rich Dad Education event and got ‘it’. The ‘Green’ light had gone on. He signed up for a three-day training with Malaika and went on to secure further Elite training. According to Ben:-

“I arrived late to the investing party per se. Investing is simple, it is not easy but it is a simple process. My first property deal, in Croydon, was a Lease Option (I paid £1 up front), and within eight weeks of viewing it with my mentor, I had over £400 per month cash flow coming in. I started with no money so I had to be creative in raising funds and structuring deals.”

“By 2014, I started crewing with Malaika and was then asked to speak at a three-day event in Poland. I have since gone on to speak for Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. all over the world, at three-day events.”

“What advice would I give someone thinking about property investment? Do it! Don’t make the same mistakes I made and believe that life starts and stops at a 9-5 JOB. You don’t know what you don’t know, at the end of the day. Only YOU are responsible for your future. But I only see that now, with the genius of hindsight!”, added Ben.

Ben is passionate about travel and sport and specializes in HMO’s and mixed-use developments as his property investing strategy of choice.

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