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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Peter Massihi

Property Investing Trainer / Investor

Peter is a full time real estate investor and business owner. He has acquired different kinds of properties, including multi unit buildings, as well as single-family homes for rehab purposes. His experience is determined through the ability to find some of the best deals from an investor’s perspective in the real estate market.

Prior to becoming a real estate investor he was a full time employee in call centre environment where he would supervise and manage tech support teams, providing technical support in North America and over seas.

Raised in Denmark, fluent in English and Danish he has a bachelor of business from the University of Aalborg, Denmark. He came to Canada in 2003 when he was married, and went straight into a JOB. Today he lives in London, Ontario and a proud father of two children.

Peter saw the Legacy Education program on TV on December 2005 where he went for the first introductory course. After the introductory course, he knew that there was more to investing in real estate than the knowledge he had. Being worry about his future retirement and family life, he enrolled for the elite program. After his first seminar, Master Investor (MI), he started practicing what he had learned in class. It wasn’t until he met his Legacy Education mentor “Mike Wilson”, where he was able to purchase his first deal with none of his own money. From there he replicated the same approach by adjusting every single deal to its circumstance and within 7-month period, he was able to purchase one income property every month. On August 2007 he quit his full time job and has been investing in real estate ever since then.

Peter joined the Legacy Education organization in December 2007 as an event coach in 3-day basic training. Today He teaches the Buy-Rent-Hold (BRH) elite class, as well as 3-day basic training in Canada as well as international. In the Buy-Rent-Hold class, Peter teaches several important things that every new investor should learn (amongst many other things), in order for them to start their investing carrier on the right path.

Peter’s success today is solely determined by the attitude he had in 2005, after attending the introductory course, where he realized that a single small decision you make today, could change the course of your life forever.

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