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Instructor & Mentor Bios

David Portas

Mentor / T60 / Investor

Dave Portas has a background in electrical engineering, having served a craft apprenticeship with British Steel plc. in Scunthorpe back in the late 1980’s. The steel industry was a challenging business environment and having an entrepreneurial spirit; Dave was always looking for additional ways to secure additional income and became involved in a number of entrepreneurial endeavours.

In 2009, Dave embarked upon his Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. (LEA) Training, after reading several personal development books including Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Dave instinctively knew that he needed considerably more knowledge and professional skills in order to grow a successful and sustainable property portfolio. Dave says that he has had a fantastic journey since, and, with the help of an LEA Mentor, has built a very profitable property portfolio, to include Buy to Let’s, Multi-Lets, HMOs and Lease Options. Within 18 months from the start of his LEA Training, Dave was financially free and had started two great property-related businesses, both of which continue to thrive today. These include a property network meeting group and a letting agency, specialising in HMO management.

Since starting his property investment journey, Dave has personally sourced over 300 significantly Below Market Value deals for himself and other investors and now also finds, negotiates and packages high quality deals with a business partner. Dave also runs a successful property management business, employing several staff, which is now fully systemised, leaving Dave time to focus on other projects.

Dave is a firm believer that property is all about people and not just bricks and mortar, and that success is achieved through solving other people’s problems, using creative solutions. Dave loves to put deals together and his only rules are that investing has to be fun and has to put money in your pocket today! When Mentoring, Dave thrives from helping mentees work out their paths towards financial freedom and helping them believe they can and will achieve their goals.

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