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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Tracy Cartland-Ward

Property Investing Trainer / Investor

I became an amateur landlord during 2007, when I acquired a couple of Buy to Let properties, but things only really started taking shape after I embarked on a wealth of learning and development though Legacy Education and most importantly took action to develop the professional property portfolio that exists today.

Living in the North of England, which is the area I focused on when building my initial portfolio, I began by acquiring Buy to let properties using creative financing strategies including Lease Options, a method that is still a personal favourite of mine. Whilst I still buy those small terraced houses in the North, the portfolio has expanded to include HMO’s, multi-lets and conversions.

I have a passion for getting involved in the refurbishment of property and have personally managed the refurbishment of my local properties, supported of course by an exceptional power team. Getting involved in this way means I have additional experience in working and understanding planning and building regulations, as well as environmental health and fire prevention requirements when dealing with the conversion of houses into other uses, including HMO’s and flats.

My journey has taken me to a place where I have the freedom to choose where I spend my time, who I spend that time with and what I do with that time. I am fortunate that being part of Legacy Education, I can share some of my time guiding others through one part of their own unique journey in life.

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