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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Danny Inman

Networking Coordinator / Investor

I am a former junior and student international rugby league player, who played domestically at the highest level full time, before deciding to head into further education. As a Civil Engineering student at the University of Manchester I gained entry into the esteemed University XXI Hall of fame group for sporting and academic excellence, and gained academic sponsorship from one of the world’s largest engineering companies.

On entering the corporate world I soon decided that a career of entrepreneurialism was the preferred route, and the one that best suited my attitudes, personality and dreams. Following training from the Tigrent Company in 2010 and with none of my own money, I then began a series of property investments, forming alliances for joint ventures with a number of strong investors.

During my whirlwind investment journey I have covered all investment strategies in detail, and with great success.

I sourced over 100 property deals for myself and JV partners within the first year following the start of my property education. Property sourcing has become a speciality, knowing how to find, recognise, package, complete and profit from quality deals both for myself and other investors.

I have built a healthy mixed portfolio for myself and other investors. All of my own investments have been done using other people’s money. Creative financing has become a particular specialty, having raised in excess of £1,000,000 of Angel finances for an array of investments. I love to create the win-win situation for all parties.

It is the combination of finding deals of all descriptions and then financing them that I find particularly exciting. I have made all investment types, ranging from the bread and butter buy to let properties in abundance, to student and private HMO’s; and from high cash flowing social housing contracts to developments, commercial property investments and changes of use. The deal and the creativity in packaging it are what excite me massively, and helping other people to do the same in bettering their lives is a huge inspiration to me.

I also now have strong business experiences, having built multiple property related businesses on the back of my training. These businesses have gone from being working from home start-ups to now gaining National recognition and generating large turnovers. I take huge enjoyment from helping people with young businesses or in the early stages of development, or helping identify opportunities for frustrated business owners.

I am all about people, and attribute my success as an individual to the success I have in relationship forming. I like to laugh and have fun to put people at ease, but can recognise the times when concentration and negotiation is required. I am good in detail, and crunching the numbers (Engineering background), and love creative thinking to get deals done.

Although still young and very ambitious I predict and expect big things for myself as an individual investor, but more importantly as a mentor, helping other people to reach their own goals and dreams that are specific to them. All of my mentorships are fantastic fun, packed with information and learning lessons, but most importantly will get you and your investment journey focussed and along the right tracks specific to each mentee. Regardless to whether you are apprehensive, scared and nervous (like I was when I started) or driven, direct and focussed (like I am now), and everything in between I am excited to help you in your dreams.

I am a big sports fan, love good food, reading, and I am a huge believer in continued personal development (for both myself and others). Most of all I love to inspire and to be inspired, people are amazing and capable of amazing things, and I love to be a part of many peoples story.

I look forward to working with you very soon.

Danny Inman

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