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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Caroline Claydon

Property Investing Trainer / Investor

Caroline Claydon is a property investor, motivational speaker and mother. She lives in Scotland and her lifestyle has been created by the income from her multi-million pound portfolio.

She started her professional property investment career in the depths of the worldwide property crash in 2009 yet by March 2010 she was financially independent through her portfolio of income producing real estate investments.

Having built up 8 years of experience in the recruitment industry, she decided to set up her own recruitment company with her husband Nick in 2007. In 2008 the global recession killed her recruitment business and while looking for inspiration to turn things around, she read a book by Robert Kiyosaki that changed her mindset and lead her to enlisted the help and support of a Tigrent/Rich Dad property mentor.

Caroline Claydon started off with limited funds, in fact, she was in substantial debt (in excess of £80k) from her failed business so quickly needed to learn creative finance to buy property.

After working with her property mentor, Caroline completed multiple property transactions over 12 months using a variety of creative financing techniques, and fully cleared her debts 6 months after that. Since then she has expanded her property knowledge and developed complex strategies including HMOs, social housing, creative finance, lease options, commercial property developments, buy to let and distressed property renovations.

Having experienced financial difficulty that affected every part of her life, including her self esteem and her physical and mental health, Caroline became determined to help others to avoid these manifestations of poverty by investing in themselves and learning to create true freedom through real estate investing strategies.

Her first step to help others achieve their property goals was to return to Tigrent/Rich Dad to assist on the 3 day basic property training courses at the beginning of 2011. Her passion to inspire people to change their lives led to was recognised by Tigrent/Rich Dad and offering Caroline the opportunity to present her first 3 day basic training as a speaker in May 2012.

Caroline became a mother for the first time in February 2013 and to date has helped hundreds of people achieve their financial goals through property.

After 8 years climbing the corporate ladder Caroline decided to start her own recruitment business. Her entrepreneurial plan was to use the recruitment business profits and invest in property, this plan worked well for around 12 months before the recession of 2008 hit her business hard and killed it.

After reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book she decided to follow his teachings and enlist the help and support from a professional property mentor through Rich Dad Education. Having debts in excess of £80,000 to contend with, no income and no money to start her property investment career, she needed to have a strong mindset, believe in and follow the wealth creation system.

12 months after working with her mentor, Caroline was financially independent and has her multi million pound property portfolio pay for her lifestyle.

Her passion is teaching and inspiring others to change their financial lives both in the UK and Internationally. Caroline and her husband are full time parents passionate about property.

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