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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Sean Thompson

Property Investing Trainer / Investor

Sean Thomson started his property investment career in June 2004 after working in the financial field for four years. After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad – Sean embarked on a mission of gaining knowledge, surrounding himself with people who were “doing it” and most of all taking massive action.

Sean’s initial strategy was cash-flow and in order to fulfil this strategy Sean targeted the north of England with his business partner Matthew for two main reasons – the numbers worked and the houses were cheap. As he was cash poor at the time he was creative in funding - using credit cards & negotiating creative deals as a primary source of seed capital – so any money that went out had to come back.

At present Sean is actively growing his property business in Wales using a variety of property strategies including Buy-To-Let, Flipping, Social Housing & Commercial & Development. Sean is also actively fulfilling his passion of helping other people to take control of their financial destiny. He has been privileged to speak in UK, Australia, Europe and South Africa in partnership with a variety of esteemed entrepreneurs and organisations, including Robert Kiyosaki, Legacy, Robbie Fowler & Martin Roberts. Sean currently resides in South Africa (Plettenberg Bay) and has a home in the Wales (Mumbles) where he actively continues to invest.

Sean’s passions is helping people move forward in their lives and breaking through any barriers in front of them – just as he has had to do and still does! He looks forward to sharing his journey with you.

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