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Instructor & Mentor Bios

Russ Dyble


Having decided against a career in teaching after my first placement as a trainee, I moved into the private sector. I started in working for a small local company who organised recruitment exhibitions on behalf of national newspapers such as The Guardian – undertaking telesales, marketing and organisational roles, then to a French IT services firm I worked initially as a bid co-ordinator and then bid manager helping to win some major aerospace and government contracts.

One afternoon, I noticed an advert for a job with the Scout Association (an organisation I do a lot of volunteering for) on a three year contract which closed that evening… I put in a speculative application thinking nothing would come of it but got the job as a development officer. I was still there nearly 10 years later having smashed every target we ever set ourselves.

My property journey – 10 deals in two years with a full-time job and no capital!

Whilst I hugely enjoyed my job with the Scouts, I knew that one day funding would come to an end during the course of 2013/14 a number of significant life events made me realise how vulnerable we all are to twists of fate which can be dealt to us and the importance of securing our own futures.

It was around that time, I found Legacy Education (or they found me, depending how you believe the world works) and after the familiar two hour free seminar and three day basic training in March 2014, I found myself enrolled as an advanced student.

My family, especially my partner, were very sceptical about the investment I had made in myself given I had a full-time job, little start-up capital, a flat in negative equity and a relatively new voluntary role which took up a lot of my evenings and weekends. As I committed time to the courses, research and weekly visits to my investment area to undertake 10 viewings a day, they soon realised I was serious about making a success of the business.

Alongside my day job, I worked to find deals (from estate agents and off-market), raise angel finance, build a team to undertake my refurbishment projects and manage a portfolio 120 miles from my home.

I quickly learned to focus on the highest-paying tasks, delegate and build the right team around me.

Working with my mentor, I turned my negative equity “problem property” into a cash-pot of £17k, leveraged this to secure my first round of angel funding (from my initially sceptical family) and got busy renovating two single lets and a HMO.

Having moved to working part-time in 2016, in the December I decided it was time for property to become my full-time focus. As well as continuing to grow my own portfolio, I was invited to become a mentor and now enjoy working with individuals, couples or business partners to plan and grow their property business – I look forward to working with you to do exactly that.

Since then I’ve continued to add buy to lets and HMOs to my portfolio, as well as splitting property into flats.

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