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My Elite Portal

For Enquiries Related to:


Customer Service / General Enquiries:

Email: olivercornish@legacyea.com

Elite Sales & Collections:

Email: thomassokolowsky@legacyea.com

UK Elite Customer Service:

Email: monikasummers@legacyea.com

Email: lucyrobinson@legacyea.com

UK Elite Bookings:

Email: elitebooking@legacyea.com

UK Basic Sales, Customer Service & Bookings:

Email: staceyhill@legacyea.com

Help Desk / Mentorship Scheduling:

Email: ukhelpdesk@legacyea.com


International Elite Sales:




International Elite Customer Service & Mentorship:

Email: sheilachudasama@legacyea.com

International Basic Sales, Customer Service & Bookings:

Email: kristinaprodonavic@legacyea.com

International On-Demand Confirmations:

Email: ondemandconfirmations@legacyea.com

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