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Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. is a leading provider of educational training seminars, conferences and services. Founded in 1996, LEA is a global company dedicated to providing quality financial education with headquarters in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa and Hong Kong.

LEA offers comprehensive instruction and mentorships in the areas of real estate investing, financial instruments, investing and personal finance. Our curriculum is designed to help people progress from a beginner to an educated investor. Students often begin their journey to financial freedom at one of our free Workshops. They can then continue with a 3-Day Training followed by our Elite Training programs. Trainings are delivered live, online and on-demand.

With more than 150 employees and nearly 60 independent contractors worldwide, Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. is committed to bringing the message of financial education to people across the globe. Over 700,000 people have attended one of our free workshops and we currently have students in over 100 countries. Each of our talented trainers, mentors and coaches have been selected because he or she possesses practical and hands-on experience in their areas of expertise.

©2017 Elite Legacy Education Uk Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The Elite word mark and logo are owned by LEA Brands, Inc. and their use is under license. Elite Legacy Education, Inc. is a subsidiary corporation of Legacy Education Alliance, Inc. The educational training program provided hereunder is not designed or intended to qualify students for employment. Our curriculum is avocational in nature and is intended for the purpose of the accumulation of wealth by, and the personal enrichment, development and enjoyment of, our students. Privacy Policy